Passenger Services

The MAKS passenger services staff provide check-in, boarding, and special assistance to all passengers of our customer airlines. The MAKS passenger services personnel are trained in the use of SITA-CUTE systems for check-in and baggage tagging, and load planning, such as passenger manifests and seat allocation.

MAKS also provides additional services as requested by the individual customer airlines, in order to enhance their customer experience. The MAKS staff provide VIP passenger meet-and-greet, special baggage delivery, transport to and from VIP lounges, and more.

A full range of passenger services that MAKS is facilitated to provide is outlines in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) manual, AHM 810.

Passenger Services

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Dedicated passenger services.
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Lost and found services
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Special passenger and VIP services

Baggage Services

The MAKS baggage services staff help passengers with lost items, and work tirelessly to locate luggage and ensure its swift delivery to passengers.

Our dedicated team works around the clock to safely load and unload baggage, locate lost items, and are available prior to and after flights to assist passengers with baggage concerns.